Bankruptcy and positive thinking?

How could a downbeat topic like filing for bankruptcy ever jive with the upbeat world of positive thinking and self-motivation?

Maybe it’s not a natural fit, but just consider that each bankruptcy case is for someone a chance to start over, with the result of the re-start as uncertain as any other. Or to put it a bit differently, while a bankruptcy case will wipe out a slate full of debts, it will not by itself put any money in a debtor’s pocket, or ensure future success.

So, with that in mind, it might be helpful to check out a new book by satellite radio host Willey Jolley. Called “Turn Setbacks into Greenbacks: 7 Secrets for going up in down times,” the $21.95 hardcover is not a bad read for those in need of a financial turnaround.

Now, admittedly, some people have more tolerance than others for the aphorisms of the positive thinking crowd. I’ll admit I really get a lot out of this philosophy, but not everyone does.

Mr. Jolley, however, spins some words of wisdom that those battered by the economic woes of the past two years can appreciate:

■ “Pressure makes diamonds, but panic makes disasters.’’

■ “Economic storms, like thunderstorms, come into our lives at various times, but you need to stay mindful of the fact that they come to pass, they do not come to stay.’’

■ “When you start focusing on your possibilities instead of your problems, you will find that life becomes much more manageable.’’

Mr. Jolly doesn’t get into investment tips or the like, but does encourage his readers to stay active in improving their lot. Jolley tells his readers to be proactive in changing their financial situation reminding them that in this job market, you’ll need to stay positive but you also need to stay aggressive in looking for employment. “In changing and challenging times, I believe it is necessary to think differently,’’ Jolley writes. “If you are willing to do different things and do some of the old things differently, you will be able to go beyond surviving and get to a place of thriving.’’


By Doug Beaton

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