A little bit about Doug

My name is Doug Beaton, and for the last twenty-two years, I’ve practiced consumer bankruptcy law with offices in North Andover, Lawrence, and Salem, New Hampshire. But I wasn’t born that way!

Instead, I grew up mostly in the suburban Boston city of Melrose, where I loved to play baseball, hockey, and later, woodwinds in the High School band.

I graduated from Melrose High School with honors and was lucky enough to get to go to Tufts University for college. With my bachelor’s degree I went looking for jobs in the local computer industry (which was booming back then). After about ten years of software wars, I kind of saw the writing on the wall, and decided to bail for law school.

I spent three years at Northeastern’s law school in Boston, which requires all students to work at several co-op jobs to gain practical legal experience. One of mine was being a clerk for a federal district judge in Nashville, Tenn. On my first day there, he introduced me to the joys of bankruptcy, handing me a pile of overstuffed folders that had been neglected for too long. As I plowed through all this bankruptcy stuff for the judge, I saw that I had some aptitude for what many lawyers think is a “backwater” area of the law.

So I went back to Northeastern, took the bankruptcy course, hit the exam out of the park, and decided on what my next career was.

So, since 1994 I’ve been helping people to get out of debt using the bankruptcy code, and writing estate plans for seniors and boomers. It’s a good feeling to know that I can use this law to help rebuild people’s lives, whereas many other legal specialties are only good for tearing people apart.

If you would rather have a bankruptcy lawyer that not only knows his field, but enjoys working with people to get them out of debt, by all means give me a call.

Call now: (978) 975 - 2608