Bankruptcy court: not clothing optional

If you are going to file for bankruptcy, you don’t want to do it naked.

But you would be surprised at how many people leave the space for clothing blank on their bankruptcy petitions.

Really? Who is going to believe that? Certainly not the trustee who is questioning you under oath, and who can plainly see that you are (hopefully) wearing at least some clothes.

The point is not that the value of your clothing is enough to interest a trustee in putting it up for public sale, because in almost every instance the clothes will be exempt from seizure in a bankruptcy case.

Rather my point is the necessity of being complete when filling out the bankruptcy forms. There is a confidence issue at work here; if it looks like you have taken care to fill out the forms properly, and not made blatant mistakes (like omitting clothes entirely), the entire process is just bound to go smoother for you.

I’ve been filling out out these petitions for many years now, so if you are looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in the Andover – Lawrence – Methuen area, feel free to give me a call.

That way, when its your turn to go to bankruptcy court, you won’t feel like you’re going in naked.


By Doug Beaton

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