Bankruptcy does eliminate credit card judgments

gavelPeople in debt should be very careful about taking the threats of debt collectors to heart.

A good example: some collectors will imply to scared debtors that they have a judgment form a court for a credit card or medical bill, and that means its “too late” to file for bankruptcy.


We can file a bankruptcy case for a consumer debtor and stop the problem right in it’s tracks, even if the collection agency or credit card company has obtained a judgment.

Even better, we can stop the underlying court case, so debtors won’t have to worry about wasting hours upon hours at the courthouse waiting for hearings.

And in an extreme situation, we can even get rid of a lien filed on a debtor’s house because of a credit card or medical debt. This is a bit more complicated (and a bit more expensive too), because it requires an extra motion to be filed at the bankruptcy court.

But we write those motions up all the time, and get rid of liens quite frequently.

So don’t be intimidated by debt collectors and their stupid lines. Get the real information — and a free consultation — just call 978-975-2608, and hear the truth straight from a bankruptcy lawyer’s mouth.


By Doug Beaton

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