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Bankruptcy does eliminate credit card judgments

People in debt should be very careful about taking the threats of debt collectors to heart. A good example: some collectors will imply to scared debtors that they have a judgment form a court for a credit card or medical bill, and that means its “too late” to file for bankruptcy. Wrong! We can file […]

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Are you allowed to keep credit cards after filing bankruptcy?

In the old days, some trustees asked bankruptcy debtors to cut up their credit cards right in front of them at the meeting of creditors in the bankruptcy case. You don’t see much of that anymore. As with so much of our lives, technology has changed the game. As Jacksonville attorney Chip Parker sets out […]

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Massachusetts debt collection has its limits

Did you know that in Massachusetts, debt collectors are not allowed to make unlimited phone calls in order to collect on a past due bill? Under regulations put out by the Massachusetts Division of Banks, third party debt collection firms can only call you two times in a seven day period on your home phone. […]

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Old debts might still result in bankruptcy court claims

Just because a debt is as old as the hills doesn’t mean that a creditor can’t file a claim for it in bankruptcy court. How about a debt that everyone agrees is way past the statute of limitations? If the debtor is sued in a Massachusetts state court, she can use the statute of limitations […]

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What will filing for bankruptcy do to your credit score?

It may sound obvious but most people contemplating bankruptcy are behind on their bills, and have rapidly deteriorating (or bottomed-out) credit scores. But everyone who contemplates filing a bankruptcy case is entitled to consider what impact the case will have on their lives going forward. When it comes to credit scores, there are a lot […]

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Who are ANJ Corp., Midland Funding, LVNV Associates, Portfolio Recovery,and why are they suing me?

Imagine getting a knock on the door and finding a deputy sheriff outside. He hands you a fat envelope and departs without much formality. You’ve been sued. If you’ve fallen behind on your debts, chances are its a creditor who’s suing you. But when you look over the paperwork, the plaintiff is a name you […]

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If you are going bankrupt, why are you worried about your credit score?

One of the most perplexing things a bankruptcy attorney can come across is clients (and potential clients) who are overly obsessed about their credit scores. With some folks, its almost as if the FICO score itself is some sort of IQ number, indicative of intelligence, self-worth, or some other positive attribute. If you are thinking […]

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Using credit cards for cabs?

According to the Boston Globe, more than 1 of every 4 Boston taxi passengers now pays by credit card, an option that has made cabs more attractive to riders but provoked tension among drivers, passengers, and city regulators. What’s got the cab drivers riled up is the combination of fees that they are charged for […]

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The Squeeze: People are having trouble paying for food, oil, and credit cards all at once

We were having a little bit of an economic recovery the past few months, which, needless to say, was badly needed. But now rapidly rising consumer prices are threatening the fragile recovery. As a result, a lot of people in our Merrimack Valley area are being put through what I call “the squeeze.” When they […]

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Should you file for bankruptcy or try to pay off those credit cards?

As the February credit card bills start to pour in, a lot of folks are making that calculation for themselves. Just how long will it take to pay off your credit cards? You can use this handy calculator from Bankrate to figure it out! If the answer shocks you out of complacency, it might […]

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