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St. Nicholas, patron saint of pawn brokers

Perhaps no other figure in the history of organized religion has had the capacity to spawn legends like Saint Nicholas, whose actual feast day is not Christmas Eve, but December 6th. The historical prelate, a bishop in what would be the modern nation of Turkey, died in the year 342. But he has been making […]

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Would a bankruptcy trustee take your Beanie Babies?

Would a trustee be interested in seizing your Beanie Baby collection if you went ahead and filed a bankruptcy case? While the answer is almost certainly “no,” one of the Massachusetts trustees asks every debtor who comes before him if they own Beanie Babies or similar collectibles. The point is not that there is a […]

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Kentucky Derby winner purchased by payday loan king

Sometimes the bad guys win one. It happened recently at the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville. I’ll Have Another (left), a strapping 3 year old colt trained in California cam barreling down the stretch to grab the lead and the victory in the $2M dollar race. He was ridden by a 25 […]

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North Andover cartoonist has a “Wicked Local” take on the Twinkies bankruptcy

Editorial cartoonist Dave Granlund has this take on the recent bankruptcy filing of Twinkies maker Hostess Foods on the North Andover Wicked Local website, and I couldn’t resist putting it here too: Twinkies are still being sold — the company is in Chapter 11, not liquidation — and there are still a lot of people […]

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Twinkies maker bankrupt again

The makers of the once popular lunch snack Twinkies and Ring-Dings have filed for bankruptcy for at least the second time. Hostess Brands still has enough cash to keep store shelves stocked for the time being. But the iconic brands they make have been hurt by a shift to healthier eating habits among Americans. Hostess […]

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Check out the Festival of Trees!

Anyone looking for some family-friendly Christmas entertainment might want to check out the annual Festival of Trees in Methuen. At $8 per person, it sounds like an inexpensive way to get in the Christmas spirit. Children under 12 are free. The festival runs through December 3rd. Proceeds go to historic preservation projects in the Merrimack […]

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The road back from bankruptcy, a case study: the Texas Rangers

The World Series starts tonight in St. Louis, and it wouldn’t be right to let the occasion pass without noting the appearance of the Texas Rangers for the second year in a row. In June 2010, the team was in bankruptcy court. Later that summer, they were sold at auction to a group that included […]

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Favorite things about being a bankruptcy lawyer

As a bankruptcy lawyer in the Merrimack Valley, I can really say that I enjoy my job. So it was with interest that I read an article by Cathy Moran, who practices bankruptcy law with similar enthusiasm in the San Francisco bay area. Attorney Moran, a la Julie Andrews, listed her favorite things about the […]

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Red Sox triple play takes Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer back to his roots

The Boston Red Sox turned a classic triple play at Fenway Park last night, when Tampa Rays slugger Sean Rodriguez hit a sharp grounder to Jed Lowrie, who tagged third, flipped the ball to Dustin Pedroia at second, then on to Alex Gonzales at first for the triple kill: Shortly thereafter, it was announced […]

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Couple driven to bankruptcy by snake infested house

Most people don’t just wake up one morning and decide to file a bankruptcy case; there is always some particular catalyst that makes bankruptcy a possible option. I talk to a lot of people who are thinking about it, and a common reason for example is “I lost my job.” There’s a couple in Idaho, […]

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