Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility in New Hampshire

Starting with cases filed in May 2012, the Chapter 7 “means test” eligibility figures have changed slightly for residents of New Hampshire considering bankruptcy.

The new thresholds for annual family income are:

Family size = 1, threshold is now $53,177;
Family size = 2, threshold is now $63,626;
Family size = 3, threshold is now $81,854;
Family size = 4, threshold is now $94,646;
Family size = 5, threshold is now $102,146.

For any additional family members, add $7,500 per person.

Remember, in the peculiar world of bankruptcy law, “annual” income is calculated by taking actual income from the last six months and multiplying it by two.

What to do if your family is over the threshold? Don’t despair, call a bankruptcy lawyer! Often times, I can use a series of deductions to get you qualified for Chapter 7 anyway. At the very worst, if you call you will know if you qualify one way or the other.

The New Hampshire figures apply to bankruptcy cases statewide; so no adjustment is made for income differences between Salem and Keene, for example.


By Doug Beaton

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