Do you have more creditors than you think?

Quite a few of the people who come in to my office for bankruptcy consultations are under the impressions that their list of creditors is comprised primarily — or entirely — of the major credit card companies and department stores where they have accounts.

If you are thinking of filing a bankruptcy case, don’t forget about other types of debt you have.

Utilities would be a good example. For example, in the Lawrence and Haverhill area, Verizon, Comcast and National Grid are often listed on bankruptcy petitions.

Former business partners, former employees with claims, and so on are also creditors in a bankruptcy case, although you may not think of them as such and may be listed on your petition.

If you have any questions about whether a particular type of creditor can be listed on a bankruptcy petition, you can call me at my North Andover office — (978) 975-2608.


By Doug Beaton

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