Favorite things about being a bankruptcy lawyer

As a bankruptcy lawyer in the Merrimack Valley, I can really say that I enjoy my job. So it was with interest that I read an article by Cathy Moran, who practices bankruptcy law with similar enthusiasm in the San Francisco bay area.

Attorney Moran, a la Julie Andrews, listed her favorite things about the field of bankruptcy law. Among them are:

* The ability to fix people’s financial problems relatively quickly;

* A practice area that brings in a cross-section of clients from different backgrounds;

* The opportunity to be a financial advisor as well as just a lawyer;

* The complexity of the bankruptcy code, as well as the need to know how it affects state laws, keeps her intellectually interested in the subject.

To that perspective, I would add that bankruptcy is essentially a positive area of the law (at least from the debtor’s perspective), where lives are re-built, and it is possible to start over from scratch and have financial success. Seeing the relief in my cleint’s faces as they realize that their financial nightmare is now behind them is one of the joy’s of bankruptcy practice. I don’t mean to say that the economy in the Merrimack Valley is a bed of roses, or even likely to become one soon, but if things are going to get better, bankruptcy law will certainly be part of the economic healing process.


By Doug Beaton

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