Film gives debtors a taste of what a bankruptcy hearing is like

oscarsThe Oscars were given out in Hollywood recently (left), and that always get us thinking of what’s up at the movies.

As far as bankruptcy law goes, the US government has recently produced a few short videos about how the process works.

Government films are famous for either being snore-fests or propaganda, and these are essentially the same folks who made all those old Army training films about avoiding social diseases. Nevertheless, nothing scares many debtors more than the “meeting of creditors” they are required to attend when they file a bankruptcy case.

These hearings are not really that intimidating, but in the interest of calming yourself down, it might help to watch this short government film of one:

Film of a bankruptcy hearing (1:39)

For debtors in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, it’s worth noting that trustees here rarely ask about your credit counseling certificate (it’s delegated to the court clerk to worry about that), and your attorney will have already sent your taxes to the trustee before the hearing. It is, however, very important to bring your identification and social security card to the meeting.


By Doug Beaton

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