NFL quarterback bankrupt

Former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell has filed for bankruptcy, according to an article by Texas law firm Allmand and Lee.

It appears that Brunell has filed under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code, listing $5.5 million in assets and $24.7 million in debts.

Brunell has earned more than $50 million in his sports career, but along with his wife, still owes almost $3 million on the couple’s residence.

Brunell played for many years in Jacksonville, and earned a Super Bowl ring just last February for his role as a backup QB with the New Orleans Saints. His bankruptcy estate — fair game for creditors — includes that Super Bowl ring and also three Rose Bowl rings from his college days.

Brunell’s misfortunes appear to be tied principally to poorly timed real estate investments, and the nationwide crash in property values.


By Doug Beaton

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