Inspiration for the newly bankrupt

Bankruptcy offers a fresh start for people mired in a financial mess.

Only sometimes it doesn’t seem that way for those stuck in the middle of it.

For those having a tough time coming to grips with a financial setback despite seeking bankruptcy relief, bankruptcy attorney Rachel Lynn Foley has written a nice article invoking the prophet Isaiah, who promised “a crown of beauty” for grieving souls,” as well as Foley’s own admonition that Every tough situation we face gives us the opportunity to grow and propel us forward.

Attorney Foley’s final points are well worth remembering: “If you are willing to make the tough decisions for the comparative short term you just may rise from the ashes of bankruptcy and receive the beauty of a debt free life.”

Don’t let the bankruptcy process scare you away from a full enjoyment of this short life we have. The process is less intimidating than most people think, and rising above the ashes is a lot closer, too.


By Doug Beaton

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