Tackling the foreclosure crisis with faith based activism

Faith-based activism is becoming more prominent in the battle against the foreclosure crisis.

As one example, Jenifer B. Kim reports in the Boston Globe that Brockton, Massachusetts housing actvist Katie Sandford met yesterday with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke to discuss how a rash or foreclosures are affecting her city. Sandford is a leader of the Brockton Interfaith Community.

Sandford and a dozen other faith leaders urged Bernanke to make big banks give more foreclosure assistance, and to crack down on payday lending, which involves charging sky-high interest for quick loans.

The group would also like to see more effective loan modification programs, and regulation to prevent future predatory lending problems.

The Brockton group was joined by religious leaders from Chicago and California in their quest to press Bernanke for reform.

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