The road back from bankruptcy, a case study: the Texas Rangers

The World Series starts tonight in St. Louis, and it wouldn’t be right to let the occasion pass without noting the appearance of the Texas Rangers for the second year in a row.

In June 2010, the team was in bankruptcy court. Later that summer, they were sold at auction to a group that included Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan (who once played for the team).

Since then, they have won back-to-back American League pennants. And they have a chance to win the franchise’s first world championship since it’s founding in 1961.

Just as important, their ballpark is filled with fans nightly, a good sign in football-crazy Texas.

How’s that for a bankruptcy comeback story?

The World Series probably won’t be as big a draw in the Merrimack Valley area this year due to the hangover from the amazing collapse of the Red Sox, but those of us in the bankruptcy world are sure to be adopted Rangers fans for the duration!


By Doug Beaton

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