Thinking about a debt relief firm instead of bankruptcy? Better read this!

If you have been thinking about doing business with one of those “debt-relief” firms that are advertising everywhere lately, you really need to read this New York Times article first: “Peddling Relief, Firms put Debtors in a Bigger Hole.

If you are looking instead for real solutions, give me a call instead (if you live in Massachusetts or southern New Hampshire, that is). I’m a real person, and will talk to you on the phone about whether bankruptcy or any other type of option, like re-negotiating loans, will work for you. I’ll give you a rough idea about how much it costs, and I’ll meet you in person without charging you anything until you decide whether to hire me. I work on Route 114 in North Andover and my phone number is (978) 975-2608.

Doug Beaton.

(Photo by Steve Hebert, New York Times)


By Doug Beaton

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