Thousands of Massachusetts residents lose jobless benefits

Thousands of Massachusetts residents lost their jobless benefits yesterday.

If the federal benefits are not restored, these people may not get a check this week. Eventually, many may seek bankruptcy protection if they are unable to pay for bills and necessaries.

The Boston Globe said that “one in 10 workers in Massachusetts was unemployed in February, according to the most recent statistics compiled by the state. There were nearly 38,000 new and additional unemployment claims filed, and about 143,000 people who continued their unemployment claims.”

Because the Senate did not pass an extension before leaving last month for a two-week break, benefits were halted, at least temporarily, for more than 212,000 unemployed residents throughout the country this week, according to estimates by the National Employment Law Project. In addition to the Massachusetts residents who lost unemployment benefits, there are about 1,300 others throughout New England.

The Senate may begin debate on a bill to restore the unemployment funds when they reconvene next Monday (April 12).


By Doug Beaton

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