Three things a bankruptcy case can help you get rid of

Most people who have gotten to the point of reading this post understand that personal bankruptcy is usually an effective way of eliminating credit card debt.

But that’s not all that can be shed with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Consumers can also use the bankruptcy code to rid themselves of:

* Cell phone contracts: Yes, even those for the vaunted I-phone. These usually sound good when you get a bright, shiny new mobile phone — or are actually a pre-condition of getting such a phone. But $60 a month for super-duper streaming data is $720 a year gets to be a burden fast — and many people are paying much more than that. Filing a bankruptcy case will also let you back out of these “deals,” if you regret spending so much on phone service.

* Apartment leases: The reasoning here is the same — if you’re leasing a dump and want out, a Chapter 7 case will terminate the lease for you. Of course, you will need to find a new place to live.

* Fitness club memberships: Exercising not working for you? (Or you just stopped working out). The remaining obligation to a gym or spa is discharged with a bankruptcy as well.




By Doug Beaton

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