Trustee roulette in consumer bankruptcy cases

When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire, at the moment of filing you have no idea who the bankruptcy trustee that will be handling your case will be.

Welcome to trustee roulette!

Different trustees have different practices, attitudes, and inclinations. All of which can affect cases in subtle ways.

Some things to watch out for are trustees who make needless threats to debtors, or who go out of their way to appear intimidating, trustees who don’t run the creditor’s meetings on time (wasting your time and mine), and trustees who make demands that debtors produce volumes of unnecessary records.

An effective bankruptcy attorney at your side will help you deal with each of these tactics should they occur (and I must say, this kind of trouble is the exception, not the rule).

Document requests can be negotiated, intimidation doesn’t work if you have a lawyer with you, and so on. As for the waiting game, that one we both have to live with when it occurs!

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