What do bankruptcy lawyers talk about when they get together?

Ever wonder what a bunch of bankruptcy lawyers would hash over when they get together for a confab?

Well, one of the largest meetings of bankruptcy lawyers starts on April 26th in San Antonio, Texas when the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys convenes its annual meeting.

Some of the topics up for discussion are “Understanding Tax Claims in Bankruptcy,” (important, but a snooze-fest, I know), “Moving forward with reverse mortgages,” (addressing the growing number of senior citizens going bankrupt), and “Getting inside your debtor’s mind.” (once inside, is there any way out)?

Not surprisingly, many of the topics to be discussed involve home mortgages in one way or another, including “Objecting to evidence in mortgage cases,” and “Who owns the note, and why does it matter?”

Keeping up the Texas theme, there is even a session on “Lassoing debt buyers,” those pesky collection firms that specialize in trying to beat consumers out of decades-old bills.

On the final day of the conference there is a session called “Get educated on student loans,” (which might be the hot topic in bankruptcy law for the coming year), and even one called “Trustees gone wild.” If that one ever shows up on YouTube, I’ll try to post it here!


By Doug Beaton

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