What not to do when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer

Missouri bankruptcy attorney Wendell Shark has written a great post on what not to do if you are thinking of hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

Among his no-no’s are:

1. Holding back on information during an initial consultation. Lawyers are trained to help get people out of jams when they can, but are basically powerless to fix problems they don’t even know about.

2. Not answering questions bluntly and honestly. Relax, most attorneys have heard worse stories before.

3. Taking advice from friends or from internet chat rooms. Attorney Stark says “Your friends are really horrible lawyers.”

4. “Shopping the facts” between lawyers. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, but shading the truth after the first lawyer tells you about a complication is asking for trouble.

5. Don’t take advantage of new lawyers. Don’t intentionally take a complicated case to a young lawyer or you both end up getting sunk.

6. Don’t be blind to potential complications in your case. If you are told your situation is unusual, it is not the end of the world, and a good lawyer will be able to fashion a strategy to attack the problem.

Nothing is guaranteed in the law, but well thought out effort can improve most sticky situations.


By Doug Beaton

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